DGRC Seminar – Wednesday, May 30th at noon, Professor L.H. Shu

Lead-user Methods Applied to Environmentally Significant Behavior
Professor L.H. Shu, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

When: May 30, 2012, 12:00pm 

Where: MC331

Abstract: Lead users experience needs in advance of the general population and often devise their own solutions, as no products exist to do so. Lead users in environmentally significant behavior (ESB) undertake more conservation activities than most. Studying such lead users helps identify potential solutions to obstacles in product reuse, greener modes of transportation, and resource conservation. Three principles were identified to support ESB: 1. Discretization, to conserve continuous resources such as electricity and water, 2. Transformation, to enable product reuse and greener modes of transportation, e.g., public transit, bicycling, and 3. Localization, to reduce energy requirements in thermal comfort.