3rd DGRC research symposium

The  CREATE Program in Distributed Generation for Remote Communities held its 3rd research symposium on Friday, November 21st at the University of Toronto.

Oral presentations were delivered by DGRC trainees, and new U of T Faculty member, Prof. Amy Bilton.

Presentations delivered

  • Professor Amy Bilton: Design for Energy and Water Systems for Remote Communities
  • Jayesh Srivastava: Novel insights and logistical challenges in studying resource-scarce communities
  • Mohammadreza Fazeli: Pore Network Modeling for Improved Water Management in PEM Fuel Cells
  • Cassandra Rosen: Development of an Energy Systems Design Tool for Remote Off-Grid Communities
  • Parisa Karimi: Study of the Electrochemical, Physical and Morphological Characteristics of Anode Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolysers
  • Dave Yan: KI Reconciliation Trip / Modeling of Electrochemical Systems
Additionally over 50 poster presentations were made by DGRC trainees and students associated with the University of Toronto’s Institute for Sustainable Energy.
Three $1000 awards were made to the top poster presentations, including DGRC trainee Jin Chang for his poster Ab initio Characterization of a Graphene/Copper Capacitor Device