The NSERC CREATE Program in Distributed Generation for Remote Communities will provide Trainees with a vast array of interdisciplinary research and training opportunities.  Trainees that complete all program components will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

  • Participate in a situational assessment of a pilot community
  • Attend workshops on life cycle assessment, energy policy, and economic and business challenges in clean energy
  • Attend First Nations House seminars in Aboriginal cultural awareness
  • Participate in each annual colloquium through delivery of either an oral or poster presentation
  • Contribute to outreach activities to increase awareness of our program to Aboriginal youth
  • Receive feedback on draft manuscripts from at least two co-applicants and two fellow trainees
  • Participate in international conferences every two years
  • Complete at least three modules from existing professional development programs, described below:
    • the Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation and Technology in Engineering program, which prepares trainees for leadership roles in technology and business;
    • the Prospective Professors in Training program, through which PhD students are trained in leadership, teaching, research, and service to prepare for academic careers;
    • the Graduate Professional Skills Program, which provides professional skills in areas such as communications, research management, and personal effectiveness;
    • the Engineering & Public Policy program, which provides engineering students with foundations in public policy for environmental decision making skills; and
    • the Expanding Horizons workshops and the Writing Centre workshops, which provide teaching and effective communication skills.