photo by Isabelle DuboisThe NSERC CREATE Program for Distributed Generation in Remote Communities was established with a number of research and training objectives in mind:

  • Through detailed assessments of pilot remote communities, identify the geographic, environmental, cultural and economic constraints of each for clean energy systems.
  • Advance the state of the art in clean energy systems. Research problems remain to be solved such as how best to integrate clean energy technologies on an isolated dc grid.
  • Extend clean energy systems research to additional remote test communities in Canada and in the developing world.
  • Develop highly qualified trainees with diversified training in a broad spectrum of clean energy technologies and systems.
  • Through internships, provide our trainees valuable experiential learning opportunities in knowledge mobilization, business, and communication skills.

A key to meeting these objectives is to increase collaboration along interdisciplinary lines, as well as with community and industry stakeholders. To that end, the program will:

  • Increase interdisciplinarity by developing collaborative research projects with Nunavut Arctic College, Queen’s and University of Toronto researchers.
  • Identify areas of mutual interest with institutional, community and industry collaborators, through interactions at workshops, conferences, introductory meetings and location visits.
  • Increase the length and depth of our remote community interactions, while increasing the participation of Aboriginal students, by engaging in youth outreach during visits to remote communities. Through collaborations with Aboriginal community leaders and outreach programs, we will help train the next-generation of Aboriginal leaders in clean energy systems

With our collaborators we will provide our trainees with a diverse research and training program that is internationally unique and launch them into successful careers in the energy sector.